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Employee Handbook

Employee Handbook This employee handbook (also known as a staff handbook) has been written by an experienced solicitor. The handbook is clear and concise and covers all aspects of an employee's employment that are not already covered in the contract.

An employee handbook is produced for the benefit of your employees, the handbook serves as a source of information on all aspects of employment and will provide answers to any questions or concerns that employees may have during their employment with you.

Our Recommendation

We highly recommend you purchase our Employment Contract to accompany this handbook. Alternatively, the 2 items can be bought as a package at a reduced price - Employers Pack.


This employee handbook contains the following:

1. Health and Safety
2. General Appearance and Conduct in the Workplace
3. Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying
4. Employer Property
5. Personal Property
6. Smoking at Work
7. Visitors
8. Use of Private Vehicles
9. Use of Employer Premises and Facilities
10. Business Expenses
11. Email and Internet Policy
12. Medical Appointments
13. Religious Days
14. Personal Details
15. Notices and Instructions
16. Assistance
17. Flexible Working Time Requests for Parents
18. Parental Leave
19. Time Off for Dependants
20. Maternity Leave
21. Paternity Pay
22. Redundancy
23. Retirement
24. Gross Misconduct
25. Informal Grievances and Discipline
26. Employee Conduct / Performance
27. Mediation
28. Formal Grievance
29. Formal Discipline
30. Appeal Procedure

Employee Handbook in word format


This Employee Handbook document is available for instant download in a Microsoft WordTM format that is editable.

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