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Employers Pack, Permanent - Full Time

Employers Pack

The Employers Pack contains essential documents needed when taking on a new member of staff, issuing new contracts & changing terms and conditions of employment.


This employers pack is suitable for:

Permanent Staff New & Existing Businesses
Full Time Staff Indefinate Working Period

Within the pack you'll find:

1. Permanent Contract of Employment - Full Time

A comprehensive permanent contract of employment for full-time employees which has been written by an experienced solicitor. The agreement forms a contract between the employer and employee setting out the terms and conditions upon which the employment relationship is based. This contract is suitable for employee's working for an indefinite period on a full-time basis.

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2. Employee Handbook

A comprehensive employee handbook which has been written by an experienced solicitor designed to accompany the permanent contract of employment. The staff handbook is for the benefit of your employees and will be utilised as a source of information on all aspects of employment, as well as to provide answers to any questions or concerns that employees may have whilst employed by you.

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Both documents are professional, concise and are available for immediate download for your own convenience.

The Employers Pack, Permanent - Full Time contains:

  1. Permanent Employment Contract - Full Time
  2. Employee Handbook

Total package value : £45.98, a saving of £9.99 ( 22 %)
Employers Pack, Permanent - Full Time in word format


This Employers Pack, Permanent - Full Time document is available for instant download in a Microsoft WordTM format that is editable.

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Employers Pack

Employer Pack - Great value for money 2 essential documents for employers; Employment Contract and Employee Handbook.

...saving £9.99 (22%)!
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